Welcome to the official website of ART- MOTOR Leszczyńscy, Rutkowscy Sp. Jawna.

ART- MOTOR Leszczyńscy, Rutkowscy Sp. Jawna, based in Solniczki, a village near the city of Białystok, is a family business established in 1983.

According to its entry in the national court register, the company’s objects include manufacturing, trading and services particularly in the areas of manufacturing automotive parts, dealing in spare parts, exporting and importing spare parts, as well as offering metal and plastic processing services.

After many years of active presence in the automotive market, our company has become one of the suppliers of products to major wholesalers in Poland and other European countries, such as Italy, Germany, Hungary, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Serbia and Austria.

In 2006, our company signed a contract with FIAT AUTO POLAND S.A. for the supply of spare parts.

Our customers are offered high-quality products at attractive prices.

Our greatest strengths are the company’s stability and guarantee of long-lasting relationships with our customers, a fully professional approach to what we do, plus modern technical and technological facilities.

We are working to extend and improve our spare part production process and to modernise our company on a continuous basis.

We have a good knowledge of how the market for spare parts works, which allows us to be fully flexible in responding to the individual needs of our customers. With our professional staff, we are a major business partner for many businesses.

Since 2009, ART-MOTOR Sp. Jawna has had a quality management system in place certified according to the ISO 9001-2008 standard. The certification means that ART-MOTOR Sp. Jawna applies a integrated quality management system covering both its organisational processes and the entire business management system.


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15-605 Białystok
Solniczki, ul. Leszczynowa 2,


ART-MOTOR offers a wide range of metal processing services:
1) conventional turning of items up to 2000 mm in length,
2) CNC turning of items up to 750 mm in length,
3) CNC milling using 4-axis milling machines (1500 mm x 700 mm x 650 mm),
4) grinding surfaces, holes, rollers (rollers up to 1000 mm in length),
5) eccentric and hydraulic presses (25, 40, 63, 100, 160, 250 tones),
6) cutting sheets of up to 8 mm in thickness and 2500 mm in length,
7) MIG welding, and
8) injection moulding (60, 100, 160, 450 tonnes) – maximum mould size: 1200 mm x 800 mm.